Grant Park Baseball is a local volunteer organization in Atlanta, GA that organizes a spring (March-May) league for boys and girls 4 years old through 5th grade. All games are played at the baseball field in Grant Park.

Frequently Asked Questions  

T-Ball is for boys and girls aged 4 to 6. Some 7 year olds may be permitted to play t-ball subject to league approval. We ask that the parent be involved as an assistant coach if a 4 year old is going to participate.

Coach Pitch – Minor League Division
The Coach Pitch Minor League Division is for kids typically in second and third grade (ages 7 and 8). Depending on the number of registrants, third graders may be placed in the Major League Division.

Coach Pitch – Major League Division
The Coach Pitch Major League Division is for kids in fourth and fifth grade (ages 9 and 10, although 5th graders who have turned 11 can play as well). As noted above, a number of third graders (8 year olds) typically are placed in the Major League Division each year.

When are games?
Games are on Saturdays. The first games start at 9:30. The final games of each day usually end
no later than 3:00 to 4:00, although a later time might be required depending on the number of teams we have in each league. Each team plays one game on Saturday. Some teams may not
play if they are having a “bye” week (which may occur if we have an odd number of teams in a
particular league). A proposed season schedule will be posted on our website. This schedule is preliminary and is subject to change.

When are practices?
Each team practices once per week. Teams will be assigned either a weekday practice slot
(Monday through Friday, typically starting at 5:30 or 6:00 depending on the coach). Some
teams will be assigned a Sunday practice slot (Sunday practice times are between 1:00 and 5:00
to accommodate worship schedules).

T-ball practices typically last one hour. Coach Pitch practices generally last one hour and 15

Where are games and practices?
All games and practices will be at the Grant Park baseball field. We may use other fields for
make-up games as necessary.

What does the registration fee cover?
We provide a full baseball uniform: hat, jersey, pants, and socks.

Do I need my own equipment?
Each child needs to provide his or her own glove. Cleats are optional (metal cleats are not allowed). We supply helmets for each team to use. You are not required to have your own bat; a number of coaches supply bats for their teams to use (however, please note that the league does not supply bats).